Joseph lecture

Special guests lectures

Tony Bull and Claus Walter Award

(best video presentation and paper presentation under 40 years main author - 1000 euros each one)

Rigenerative methods and innovations in facial plastic surgery

Otoplastic procedures and auricolar reconstructions


Septal perforations

History of facial plastic surgery in Europe and in EAFPS

Facial palsy

Open or not open approach

Preservation or not preservation approach

Anatomic and surgical pillars and milestones in rhinoplasty

Post traumatic rhinoseptoplasty

Lip surgery

Face lift past present and future

Management of the difficult patient

How to become a good facial plastic surgeon

Special tips and trucks in pre and postoperative management of the patient

Management and social appearance in facial plastic surgery

Revision rhinoplasty in structural and preservation approach

International symposium south americaneuropean surgeons

International symposium asian-european surgeons

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Joint session with Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

Symposium with European Society of Rhinology

Minor and major flaps in facial plastic surgery update

Maxillo facial plastic surgery update new method and aesthetic results

Cadaveric Dissection video demostrations

Hair replacement

Cadaveric Dissection course before the meeting

Facial transplant

Live surgery after the meeting